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This month, former sexual health educator Monica Cline will discuss the training methods Planned Parenthood used to train her to provide “sexual risk reduction” and how parents can combat this practice.

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August 29 at 6 PM CST

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monica cline

While working as a sexual health educator at ALLGO/Informe-SIDA, Monica Cline was trained by Planned Parenthood to target teens for outreach and volunteered at several of their community events. Later, she worked at The Center for Health Training as the Title X (family planning) Training Manager for Texas and New Mexico. Monica was responsible for providing Sexual Risk Reduction Education (sex ed) in the community, in schools, and at health centers. Monica left The Center for Health Training because she realized they were not committed to giving women options but that their focus was abortion centered. She felt she could no longer teach teens the way they wanted her to because the curriculum and style were very vulgar and pornographic and she believed the underlying attitude of “anything goes” was unhealthy for teenagers.

Monica’s goals in speaking out go way beyond just being a part of ATTWN. She is currently working on developing her own curriculum to educate parents on how to teach their own teens about their bodies and health. Monica says, “We all bought that we were doing the right thing, that we were working with a population that no one else wanted to reach out to, or is difficult to reach. We believed we were the ones doing something good and right. We need a new approach. An approach that empowers parents to “Reclaim Parenthood” and become the primary sex educators for their children. The more we get the info out and stop judging the workers, the more we will get out there and transform our culture in how to truly prevent the hardships that Planned Parenthood pretends to address.”